Thank you for visiting LGBTQtalkRadio on the True2YouRadio network! We are delighted to have you here where it is Fabulous to be the true you. Our mission here is to unite the LGBTQ community and create a world where all are free to live in their own unique style. Join us in this venture as a listener, guest, or host of our relevant, quality programming.

Mindful Sex TalkMindful Sex Talk

Join the musings of The Mindful Slut and Mother Sexuality as we explore the restorative energy of sex……[read more]

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LGBTQ Talk Radio is envisioned as a space where those seeking equality in their lives can visit and interact to share information and inspiration. This radio station is dedicated to the underserved members of the LGBTQ community and we ask for your involvement in making this project as dynamic as is possible.

Our programming focuses on the many facets of life in the LGBTQ community. Issues such as sexuality and other relevant topics are discussed in an honest and open forum. Therefore not all programming may be suitable for all ages. Please be aware of the nature of this subject matter and the appropriateness for those listening.

What is LGBTQ Talk Radio

This station is centered around the specific topics concerning the LGBTQ community and the ability of everyone around the world to openly live as they know themselves to be. We are a 24/7 365 day a year station broadcasting relevant stories and inspirations for all of us to improve our quality of life.

What LGBTQ Talk Radio Has to Offer

From practical living advice to stories of how the movement to equality has progressed, the listener is given the tools and techniques to live a fulfilled and happy life in an authentic way.

    Practical Living:

How does one come out to family, friends, and coworkers? What constitutes a modern relationship or family and how do we define ourselves? What actions should we take in politics and what roles are our responsibility to help the next generation live a life free from restraint of “normalcy”? These issues among others are showcased through the experiences of hosts and guests.


What is the history of the movement toward equality for the LGBTQ community? Who do we have to thank for the freedoms we take for granted today? Where have we come from and where are we headed? What issues are important for us to focus on so that all may live an authentic life being the Fabulous person that they are? It is through the power of the story that we learn and connect with others who may not initially understand our point of view. It is our mission to bring forth the untold stories so that all may benefit from those who have walked this path before us.

We provide honest and straightforward talk to bring the message that everyone has the right to be their authentic self and express life by their own standards. Join LGBTQtalkRadio on this adventure of making the world a safe and Fabulous place where all can exist and live full lives full of joy and happiness.

LGBTQ Talk Radio an excellent opportunity for you

LGBTQ Talk Radio an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking to expand their media exposure to the lgbtq community. This is a collaborative project where we believe that value comes to us by bringing value to others. If you are new to this media and are interested but feel you need further help or information, we can help you get started.


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FOF 2354 Stop the Madness 07.07.16 (EID:693)
People say If youre not angry, youre not paying attention but we are more than angry, we are also heartbroken over the intolerable level of violence committed against people of color in the United States.Joining us today to help us make sense of all this madness is Fawzia Mirza, PakistaniCanadian Muslim comedian, actress and international sex symbol.
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RuPaul Whats The Tee
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Episode 18 Blame It on The Lupus with Kristen Johnston (EID:316)
In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined byKristen Johnston. They discussKristen’s book ldquoGutsrdquo, how Kristen got sober, Kristen’s blog, toxic friends,The Exes, lupus, Kristen’s start in TV, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and learning to love yourself.This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Mott Bow.
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